What you can expect from me...

  • I will be taking my temperature daily and closely monitoring any changes in my health and I will cancel any appointments if I feel at all ill.

  • I will not be performing facial massage at this time.

  • I will be taking COVID-19 seriously in my personal and professional life

  • I will wear a fresh mask and apron for every client. 

  • I will follow proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures as recommended by the CDC.

  • I will wash my hands before and after each session.

  • The sheets, blankets, face cradles will be laundered before every massage.

  • I have left extra time to clean between each client.

What I expect of you...

  • Wash your hands when you arrive.

  • Fill out the intake form when you arrive.

  • Text me when you arrive and wait in your car until I let you know I am ready for you to enter the building. 

  • Put on a mask (covering your nose and mouth) before you enter the building and wear a mask during the entire duration you are in the building. *This includes the entire duration of the massage, face up and face down. 

  • You will allow me to take your temperature upon arrival.

  • If you are sick in the slightest to have been sick in the last 14 days before you appointment, you will cancel your appointment at no penalty to you.


Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe!